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Central Alberta (Canada) – March 2, 2024: “Step to Humanity Bangladesh,” a Bangladeshi charity, in collaboration with the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network, hosted a virtual discussion titled “Addressing the Health Crisis of Women and Children in Climate-Vulnerable Regions: A Universal Health Care Approach to Building a Resilient Bangladesh.”

The event was chaired by Delwar Jahid, an expatriate writer, researcher, and journalist from Canada, who also serves as the executive director of Step to Humanity Association and president of the Bangladesh North American Journalists Network. Nasima Akhtar, former director of Bangladesh Rural Development Academy in Comilla, presented the main article, while Dr. Anwar Zahid, former director of Bangladesh Rural Development Academy, was the guest of honor. Dr. Mohammad Alam, an agricultural scientist, and sociologist Dr. Kamrul Hasan, president of Step to Humanity Bangladesh, also shared their insights during the occasion.

The discussion saw participation from various esteemed personalities, including Daily Jugantar Journalist Shamsul Huda, Acting President of Bangladesh Heritage and Ethnic Society of Alberta Syfur Hasan, and women and children activist Kora Hasan Ivana. General Secretary of Step to Humanity Bangladesh and Deputy Chief Reporter of Bangladesh News Agency (BSS) Md. Sajjad Hossain, along with Dainik Bhorer Suryoday editor Feroz Miah and Asrar Zahid Khosru, among others, also attended.

Nasima Akter emphasized the urgent need for a multifaceted approach to address the health crisis facing women and children in climate-vulnerable regions of Bangladesh. She stressed the importance of integrating the principles of universal healthcare with targeted interventions tailored to the unique needs of these populations. By prioritizing investments in resilient health systems, empowering women, and fostering stakeholder collaboration, Bangladesh can make significant strides toward building a healthier, more resilient future for all its citizens, even amidst climate uncertainty.

Delwar Jahid highlighted the dual challenge faced by Bangladesh in providing adequate healthcare for its vulnerable populations while grappling with the impacts of climate change. He underscored the disproportionate vulnerability of women and children to health crises intensified by environmental factors and emphasized the imperative of implementing universal healthcare to foster resilience in confronting these challenges.

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