United Desk:: Yeash Rahman is a young entrepreneur and vloging Youtuber from the Bogura, Bangladesh. He started his career at a really young age as a Youtuber. All thanks to his presence on the web as a technical expert who is also known for various other things like social media influencer, celebrity manager and social media marketing expert to name a few. But looking at the core, he is a YouTuber of par excellence.

He is a YouTuber and Vlogger of par excellence and has made things work in his favor by making quality videos. Despite coming from a small place, he always kept his thinking on the higher side. He never wanted to try the dreams which people of his age used to see of having a job in any government department. Rather he wanted to do things differently and try something out of the box. This is where he came up with the idea of trying something around the internet. Since social media was coming to its boom, he understood that it would not take long to see these platforms earning a good buzz around the different age groups all across the world. He then mastered himself in handling and managing social media.

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