Why would there be so many agencies to get civil advantage: CEO of IRC Patrick Moriarty

CEO of IRC Patrick MoriartyArifur Rahman:: Patrick Mariarty, CEO of a Dutch Non-government Organization, gave his opinion that only one organization or maximum two organizations is enough for ensuring civil rights of 2 core people who are living in Dhaka.  He have came to Dhaka for attending in a conference about Water management and share his opinion in a personal interview. Where he said only two organizations are playing role for providing civil service in Amsterdam, on the other hand 54 organizations are working in Dhaka for doing that.  It can create complexity. Why would there be so many agencies to get civil advantage? Providing civil service will be easy if it can be reduced the numbers. It is possible through organized plan.

Patrick Moriarty has given importance on three issues in the question of how can be ensured safe water for the people who are living in Dhaka. He think, to ensure safe water for 2 core people of Dhaka, skilled organization, management and governance must be ensured. Water is a vital problem in Dhaka. Everyday people are coming here from different districts. Numbers of Ghetto are increasing day by day. So it must have plan for solving the problem of water and that have to be long lasting. The organization must be skilled. It must have accountability. Investments have to risen. What he Dutch government did although It took some time.

According to Mr. Moriarty, participation and delegation of people must have for ensuring civil service. If these cannot be ensured, any initiatives would not be sustainable.

Mr. Moriarty think, 15 years term (2016-2030)Sustainable Development Goals declared by the United Nations will be challenging for Bangladesh, especially ensuring SDGs 6 that is Access to safe water and sanitation for all.

According to him, Millennium Development Goals from 2000 to 2015 was fundamental. That means it was given importance on achieving a significant goal. But in SDGs it is giving importance on quality. That’s why it will be challenging to achieve it.

Patrick Moriarty said that Bangladesh had shown success in achieving MDG. Utility of water had been raised. Rate of open toilet had been come down. But drinking water is now unavailable to many people. 100% sanitation cannot be ensured. Two core people of you are living in the coastal area. Drinking water should be ensured for them. Bangladesh is most vulnerable country for climate change. Gradually rate of salinity are rising for climate change. Flood or other disasters has been occurring every year. So for ensuring quality of water and ensuring sanitation for all, investment for it should be increased.

He said we have a similarity with you; that is both countries are Delta. In 1953 a lot of people died in our country for a disaster. After that our government had taken long-term plan that’s called a Delta Plan. Our Schipol international airport is now in bellow 4 meter of the sea level. One third of our land is bellow sea-level. Regarding that all our land are about down of sea. But by the controlling flood of river, rising River navigability and water management we made a safeguard for our land and create example. Through proper management safeguard of land can be possible by girding Dam and Dyke. Only Netherlands has experience of Delta-management. But in the implementation of this plan we needed hundred year time. In this process there was participation and contribution of mass people.

He said, Democracy of Netherlands has stand on a strong pillar. That is why government discusses with people after getting any plan. In the case of delta management it happened same way. It had been being discussed with people for a long time. People had been informed about effectiveness of it. With the technical and financial cooperation of Dutch government, your government has taken a delta plan. Your country will able to be developed through preventing flood, rihn river navigability and water management. I hope Bangladesh will be successful in implementation of delta plan.

CEO of IRC Patrick MoriartyPatrick Moriarty said that it is important to have a strategic paper and strong management of water of surfaces and ground in Bangladesh. It seems now there are nothing like that. For extreme use of water from ground the water level is stepping down day by day. It is very alarming news. In your country, using of water of surface has to be increased.  Using of water of ground has to be decreased. For ensuring that, a strong management and strategy must be needed. You have to increase using of the water of river. Then it can reduce the pressure on usages water of ground.

About International River, Mr. Moriarty said with example of Rain river of his country, this river flows in Germany, Sunderland, Netherlands and Austria. Rain also is an international river. I became able to control flood with strong management. There are 57 international rivers in your country. Among these 54 is with India and 3 others with Myanmar. For ensuring proper management of International River you have to sit with government of those countries. You have to increase technical skill also. It should be remembered, this problem cannot be solved within a day. It take time. But you have to invest for that.

Patrick Moriarty thinks that it not impossible that government will implement all alone.  That’s why it will be needed assistance of civil society and NGOs. He added that Bangladeshi representative of SWA, Mr. Zobair Hasan with DORP are playing significant role in implementation of these. Additional these He imposes on participation and assistance of civil society, NGOs and mass people for implementation of government planning. Through these implementation will be easier. And it will be sustainable.


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