Zafar Ahmed Shimul, DIU Representative:: “The Department of Social Sciences, Dhaka International University (DIU) has organized a formal reception for the new semester students (Renovation) and a winter cake festival.

Friday (February 5), a new and winter cake festival was organized at the permanent campus of Dhaka International University (Satarkul Badda) at the initiative of the Department of Social Sciences.

Many talented personalities including teachers and students of the Department of Sociology were present on the occasion. Renowned historian and Professor of Dhaka University Dr. Syed Anwar Hossain and Professor and Chairman of Bangladesh University of Professionals Dr. Syed Anwar Hossain were present as special guests on the occasion. Prof. Dr. Shawkat Ara, Dean, Department of Sociology, Tanjila Shabnam, Head Associate, Jamshedur Rahman, Assistant Professor.

On this day of Renovation, traditional Bengali Puli Pitha, Pati Sapta, Jamai Pitha, Beni Pitha, Pakan Pitha, Bhapa Pitha, Kamala Sundari, Taal Bara, Nakshi Pitha, Semai Puli Pitha, Ras Pitha, Sabji Pakan ; The students of the Department of Social Sciences organized about 50 types of cakes including bread, snail pie and egg cake.

Pitha festival is one of the Bengali traditions. This festival helps to make Bangaliana flourish. Such festivals are a means of practicing Bengali culture. At the Cake Festival, some people make cakes, some distribute them, some eat them, some see them and make various friendly grunts to make the event colorful and enjoyable. New students also participate in this beautiful, easy and lively festival. All the ordinary students of the university believe that the university is continuing all kinds of cultural activities through such different religious arrangements.

Mr. Abdur Rahim Bappi, Chairman, Department of Sociology, said, “We have organized the traditional cake festival of Renovation so cautiously and keeping in mind the hygiene and time and various constraints of the Corona period. We hope this festival is a new one for new and old students from the very beginning will be able to build beautiful relationships. The way in which this festival, especially the old and the new, has made our festival a success, is undoubtedly commendable! “

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