Please go to Help the Flood Affected People

Flood Affected PeopleMd. Soyeb Majbauddin:: In Bangladesh many areas like Dinajpur, Rangpur, Lalmonirhat and Kishorgonj Lac Lac people are suffering the flood problem. No food for eat and no mineral water for drink.  Children are crying for food. Governments help the people, but it’s not sufficient. There is fresh drinking water around the areas. For fresh mineral water people are suffering for disease. Eary & Aush Paddy damage. Farmers are crying for their damage food.

In whole Bangladesh after some days later Bangladeshi people will suffer for rice crisis. Many people are suffering different diseases. No treatment facilities have in the flood affected area. At this moment only Government not possible to recover the flood affected people problem. Social organization and rich man in Bangladesh need to help the flood affected people. The school & college are close in the flood affected area. Many children & cows and goats died of this flood.

We need to pray for the flood affected people. Government flood ministry need to supply food and medicine to the flood affected people long time. Prime Minister order to the NGO people not collect the dues of the loan at this time. Local government need to follow the NGO’s people that they can’t try to collect the dues of loan amount. Because the NGO,s people are not follow the government order. The collection from the people in the evening to night. One NGO people told me that if they not collect the dues properly he lost his job. For this reason he tries to collect the dues of loan by hook and crook. But now it’s reality that all flood affected people are lose their all kinds of assets. They can’t pay the loan dues. Interest is increasing day by day.

Every time flood affected people suffering long time, but Government and some organization supply their relief only some days. It’s not sufficient. Poor people suffer suffer and suffer. But there have no rich man ready to stay beside the flood affected people. They only can supply one Mug hotchpotch or 1 kg rice or 1 sari of one person in a day. But it is supply like as beggar. Flood affected people are not a beggar.  They are maximum middle class people, but flood make their so poor that they can’t say anything, they can’t stay in a line for food.

On the other side I saw that one cow is shouting. Owner inform me that cow is shouting for grass. There is no grass around the side. The grass field under the water. But the cow is one of the assets of a family. I saw, water drop from the cow’s eye. It’s really pathetic. Not tolerable of this scenery. I request to the rich man of Bangladesh please go the flood affected are, and try to stay by the side of flood affected people. It’s the real social Job. In Qurans say, of those people will go to Jannat, if they are helping the poor people.

In a school many flood affected people staying their. I saw that one 5/6 month years baby crying by the side of a women, she wear prick burka. She not try to stop baby’s crying. I asked her why she not trying to stop the baby’s crying, she told me there no was opting to stop the baby’s cry. Because baby want milk but she is failure. Some time agro she gives the baby milk from her body. But now baby not collect the milk from her mother milk. When she eat some food then can again give the milk to her child. But at this time their have no food for eat.

After some time I saw that the hunger baby pick up some one from the floor and give it’s her mouth, I go to the baby quickly and pick up from mouth and then saw it was soil. Some water drop from my eyes. I leave the side then go to a shop and buy a Milk Packet and give the baby’s mother. But no pick a picture in my mobile. Because I don’t like this. Islam say, help the poor or beggar in closets, not open. But now we are help the poor and beggar open and pick a picture then picture published in the facebook. Please go to the flood affected people and help them.


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