DIU Correspondent :: The KPR International Art Exhibition has organized the International Virtual Art Competition keeping in mind the various problems of the Corona period.

The largest exhibition of South Asian and virtual paintings with the participation of more than a hundred painters from five countries in South Asia. The international exhibition of paintings will be held for seven consecutive days from September 20.

Imagination of a lonely heart by Kamrunnahar Tonni, a student of English Department of Dhaka International University, has taken place among the artists from Bangladesh who participated in this international painting exhibition.

Famous artists from home and abroad as well as emerging artists are taking part in this event.
Five paintings, nominated and nominated by KPR, will be on display at the International Virtual Museum of Art Gallery for 7 days, featuring selected artists from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Singapore and China.
Painters participating in the competition will be given special certificates in recognition of their work.

It is known that Tonni is the daughter of famous painter SM Sultan’s area.

Every student, teacher and all the officials of Dhaka International University are proud of Kamrunnahar Tonni’s outstanding work of art.

Tonni said, I never thought that my paintings would be widely recognized or that any of my paintings would be exhibited at an international level. In such a short time, at such a young age, I would get such recognition and love from the people of art; it was unimaginable. I have big dreams about the paintings, I want to participate in international exhibitions not only in five countries but also in the best courts of the world as a representative of the country’s works of art. ”

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