Desk news:: The automation activities of the Plant Quarantine Wing under the Department of Agricultural Extension were inaugurated through an online seminar yesterday. Synesis IT Limited, the country’s leading IT Company and the country’s largest digital healthcare provider, is in charge of managing the entire process. A number of people were present from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Among them Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque was present as the Chief Guest at the inauguration ceremony. Senior Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Md. Mesbahul Islam; Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Dr. Md. Zafar Uddin; Additional Secretary Hasanuzzaman Kallol were present as Special Guest. Director, Plant Quarantine Wing Dr. Md. Azhar Ali gave a welcome speech on the occasion. Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension Md. Asadullah delivered the presidential speech

Also speaking on the occasion were agriculturist Kamrun Nahar; World Bank’s Hosna Ferdous Sumi; Chamber of Commerce and Industries Director AKM Akhtar Hossain; Additional Secretary and Project Director Access to Information (A2I) Dr Md Abdul Mannan; and project implementing agency Synesis IT’s Managing Director Sohrab Ahmed Chowdhury. The online seminar held at 3 pm on Tuesday, this seminar was a message of hope for the people involved in the import and export of agricultural products. Customers will be able to enjoy multiple benefits of this automation program.

At present, there are about 4,000 importers and exporters in 30 departments of the Department of Agricultural Extension. These people are directly or indirectly involved in the import-export of goods. After this automation process, no more certification activities will be carried out manually.Agriculture Minister Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque Said in His speech, ‘Today is a very happy day for us as we have gone one step further towards the implementation of the MDG goals of our people’s leader Sheikh Hasina. And for this success, he called on our young society to work digitally. By responding to Her call, we have been able to bring almost every sector of our country under digitalization. And as a result, the journey of automation in the plant quarantine sector is starting today. Which has made the work of our importers-exporters perfect and fast. And the biggest aspect is that this automation has further increased the transparency of procedures. I hope that we will move forward with the joint efforts of all and under the direction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister’.

Agriculturist Kamrun Nahar said, ‘Through this automation process we will be able to provide international quality services to our customers. The phyto sanitary certificate that we are providing through this automation is internationally recognized by ISPM 12’.

Additional Secretary Hasanuzzaman Kallol Said, ‘Bangladesh’s agricultural sector is moving forward in tandem with the world. Today’s automation process is its manifestation. I urge all the people associated with this wing to work together with a helping hand’.

Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Dr. Md. Zafar Uddin said, ‘I applaud the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and his Ministry’s strategic plan which has taken our country’s agricultural self-sufficiency to a higher level. This automation process of the Quarantine Wing will play a unique role in stopping fraud in the certification process. This process will also play a significant role in increasing the speed of work’.

Senior Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Md. Mesbahul Islam said, ‘Today is a special day for the Ministry of Agriculture. A new chapter is going to be added today in the Ministry of Agriculture. We want to continue the advancement of our digitization that will prepare us for the 4th Industrial Revolution’.

Managing Director of Synesis IT, the company implementing this project Shohorab Ahmed Chowdhury said, ‘ Synesis IT has been working for the country for 14 years. In the last 14 years, we have had the opportunity to work on about 150 projects in education, medicine, agriculture, BPO, local government, energy, and power sectors. We hope that this automated process based on managed services will reach a unique level in all respects and this project will serve as a milestone in building a digital Bangladesh’.

The Director General of the Department of Agricultural Extension Md. Asadullah spoke on the occasion, ‘The Ministry of Agriculture is one of the most important ministries in our country, with many parts involved, one of which is the Plant Quarantine Wing. Today’s automation process will further accelerate our foreign trade. This automation process will be able to solve Phyto sanitary based problems which will further strengthen our import-export power with different countries’.

This automation process includes all activities related to import permit certificate, Phyto sanitary certificate, release order certificate, anchorage certificate for the product. All certificate work was previously performed manually, which was quite painful and time consuming for the customers. But through this automation process, the customer will be able to apply for these certificates online and will also be able to collect the certificates. On the other hand, a secure database will be able to provide transparency and security of these certificates. There is also an opportunity to verify the authenticity of the certificate with the specific number of the certificate.The call center service is also aimed at making the practical experience of the customer more beautiful.

This call center will answer any kind of customer query. In addition, this automation process includes the facility to deposit treasury fees online. As a result, customers can easily transact from anywhere.

It is to be noted that under this project, Synesis IT has been performing its duties regularly and successfully since May 14, 2015. A large and experienced team has been working for a long time to acquire knowledge on the activities of the Plant Quarantine Wing and related laws,regulations, research; the same team had also worked for making all the activities suitable for software development and implementing modules. Synesis IT is the only company in Bangladesh that has this rare experience, knowledge and skills.

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