Huawei announces its plan to launch complete Net5.5G Solutions in 2024. This forward-looking plan promises to unlock business prospects for carriers, capitalizing on emerging ultra-broadband applications in the 5.5G era.

Complete Net5.5G Solutions, offering 10 Gbps connections, adaptable ultra-broadband transport, and autonomous network optimization, are set to fuel carrier business growth. With the upgrade of home broadband and mobile broadband to 10 Gbps, the IP transport network will evolve into a 400GE converged metro network and backbone network.

Leon Wang, President, Huawei Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled “Bring Net5.5G to Reality, Inspire New Growth.” He said, “In the 5.5G era, new ultra-broadband applications — such as glasses-free 3D, house-wide intelligence, ultra-HD video conferencing, and computing services — will emerge one after another. As a result, services such as home broadband, mobile broadband, enterprise campus, and enterprise private line will need an upgrade to 10 Gbps. In turn, this will present new business opportunities for carriers. By supporting ubiquitous 10 Gbps connections, elastic ultra-broadband transport, and autonomous network self-optimization, Net5.5G will drive new business growth for carriers.”

Carriers can upgrade their IP transport networks to support high-concurrency of massive 10 Gbps services and use new capabilities — such as network slicing — to ensure service experience and improve user satisfaction. By leveraging new capabilities such as Wi-Fi 7 high-density access, video experience assurance, and cloud-based management, carriers can add enterprise campus networks on top of private lines. In this way, they can provide one-stop services, making it possible to deliver high-quality 10 Gbps wireless connection, video service, and O&M service experiences to enterprise customers, thereby accelerating B2B service growth.

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