Md. Shahin :: Upazila Awami League organizing secretary and former UP chairman Mallik Monirul Islam distributed Eid gifts to the destitute and low-income workers affected by the Corona virus and catastrophic Super cyclone in Eliasbad union of Kalia sub-district.

Today, on Thursday (May 21), Eid gifts were distributed among more than 400 indigent, poor and low-income workers of 9 wards of the Union at their residence.

In this context, Mallick Mazharul Islam, the peddler of humanity, said- My favorite address is the love of the common people of Eliasabad which makes every moment of survival much more desirable and expected. These people are a lot like a contagious disease – their happiness is my joy, their pain is the pain I am by the side of these people in any need till the last moment of life.

While distributing Eid gifts, former UP chairman Mallick Monirul Islam said, “No perverted evil force has shaken me, but the love of the common man has embarrassed me.” This bond of love of the common man is the driving force behind me In this crisis of theirs, on the one hand, the terrible claw of Corona and on the other hand, many people have fallen into misery due to the impact of cyclone Amphan. Keeping in mind their plight, we have two brothers (Mallick Mazharul Islam and Mallick Monirul Islam) by their side. I hope that with the concerted efforts of all, we will move forward quickly by turning the crisis into strength.

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