Desk report:: Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury is an examplary doctor. For his versatile influence on increasing health awareness among poor rural people, his patient friendliness, humanitarian work such as providing free medicines to the needy people, arrangements for home visits to treat covid-19 infected poor patient, he is honoured with the title ” DOCTOR OF HUMANITIES”.

During this covid-19 pandemic, the world needed heros like doctors to save covid-19 affected patients. Very few doctors came forward to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury is one of them. Severity of pandemic brought a humanitarian vibe to him which encouraged him to strengthen courage to serve for humanity facing the danger of covid-19 pandemic. He devoted his precious time and countless efforts to save lives of covid-19 infected patients. At present he is working as a medical officer of Chittagong general hospital, a dedicated covid-19 hospital. Earlier he is appointed in Binajuri union sub centre of Raozan upazilla, Chittagong in 2019 and then transferred to Cox bazar sadar hospital in 2020.

He is a Professional musical artist, known across Bangladesh, a sensation over social media for his heart touching romantic songs, famous for his exhilarating music,  “Healing lifestyle ” is his latest music release which is available on amazan music. He is also an auther, wrote some books over healthy lifestyle.

Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury was awarded the 2019 World Star for Quality Leadership Award for his contributions on raising health awareness among the poor uneducated people, providing free health services to the poor patients and doing home visits to treat old,  sick, bedridden patients in his area. To organise these actions, he founded “YOUNGSTAR HEALTH CLUB “, a non profit social organisation to spread vibes of healthy lifestyle among poor rural people .

Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury becomes a roaring news on many notable national and international print publications such as daily star, prothom-alo, risingbd and others for his exceptional patients friendly behaviour and innovative humanitarian activities.

On 21st May 1991, Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury was born and then raised in Kadalpur, a village of Chittagong district in Bangladesh . Nur Mohammad Chowdhury and Begum Shahajahan are his proud parents. He was very ambitious from the early age of his life. Later Dr Mahamudul moved to Sylhet city to fulfil his ambitions as a doctor which brought him very impressive educational background. He Successfully achieved the “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)” graduate degree in 2015 from Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College, CCD (on diabetes) & CMU (on ultrasonography)

Dr Mahamudul Islam Chowdhury flourishes to become an outstanding example for youth to follow, an inspiration and a path finder who spreads positivity about health and well being, delights people mind with his music.

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