Zafor Ahmed Shimul,Staff Reporter:: Dhaka International University has secured a prestigious place in the ‘Times Higher Education Rankings’, which is recognized as the most important ranking in the world.

In the ranking list published on Wednesday (April 21), Dhaka International University (DIU) is ranked 7th and Daffodil International University is ranked first among the Private universities in Bangladesh.

Dhaka International University (DIU) is also ranked 1001st in the list of top 1115 universities in the world.

The ranking is based on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. ‘Dhaka International University’ is one of the top 1115 universities in the world in terms of quality education.

This is truly an unprecedented achievement for a university in Bangladesh.

Since its inception, Dhaka International University has been making continuous efforts to develop a culture of learning, philosophy of education and communication through technology. Such a strong position in the rankings is a recognition of that effort.

Notably, Times Higher Education is the evaluating authority of all internationally recognized universities and the leading provider of higher education information.

Regarding the strong achievement of Dhaka International University in this important and significant ranking of the world, the Proctor of the University Mr. Md. Abu Tareq said, ‘I and all those associated with our university are very happy to achieve this unprecedented position. The Board of Trustees of Dhaka International University is headed by Chairman Barrister ‘Shamim Haider Patwari’ and Vice-Chairman Dr. Qadir Patwari, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Treasurer Prof. Dr. Mainul Islam and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ganesh Chandra Saha. Today’s happy moment has been created as a result of the way in which the educational activities are being carried out in a strong and almost perfect manner and it has to be said that this achievement is a very expected achievement for us.

He added, “Our education journey should not stop here. Our main goal is to reach the top in the education rankings and provide education to the entire nation.

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