Staff Reporter :: Along with other countries in the Globe, Bangladesh is widely affected by the pandemic Covid19. The rate of transmission of the disease has been increasing alarmingly day by day. The prime and only prevention of Covid-19 is individual awareness and maintaining social distance. NGOs in Bangladesh are not behindhand in combating COVID-19. NGOs have provided relief support of around Tk. 2083 Million to prevent COVID-19. ADAB, the Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh states this in a press release.

The press release says, since the beginning of the Corona disaster, NGOs have been working hard to prevent Corona as much as they can. Along with the government, NGOs, across the country, have been working extensively at the grassroots with their utmost effort. In the intervening time, the NGOs have been taking various initiatives like distribution of awareness leaflets, establishment of banner/billboard, setting up of hand washing arrangement, spray of disinfectant, dissemination of cautionary information through social media and 17 community radio, etc. ADAB and its member organization have been spent an amount of BDT 253 Million, as emergency support over the country from 23 March to 13 June 2020 of which 130 Million are direct financial assistance to the poor.

Correspondingly, as per a recent report of Bangladesh CSO-NGO Coordination Process, the amount of aid provided by NGOs till 25th May 2020 is BDT 1560 Million including that of foreign aid. Apart from this, the Micro Finance NGOs have also been proven their devotion to the country by depositing an amount of BDT 270 Million to the Prime Minister’s relief fund. It is noticeable that the assistance of NGOs is not limited to the financial or protective aid support, it has been even widened to the establishment of isolation center, accommodation support for the doctors, vehicle support, supply of oxygen cylinder, and medical aids to different local hospitals.

With declining foreign aid and a long period of stagnation of normal activities, the NGOs themselves are struggling financially, yet they are trying their best to stand by the helpless people from their commitment and accountability. This is the main spirit and dedication to the society, which couldn’t be evaluated in terms of money. It would be better if we forward in a coordinated and holistic way to get rid of the pandemic.

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